From a recent email — “SparkPeople’s Dietitian Becky says:  “Until Americans learn there is an ‘art to farting,’ we will never get enough fiber in our diets.”

Okay.  That got my attention.  Fiber is important.

Do you remember the recent internet headlines trumpeting that smelling our farts is good for us?  I clicked on one of them.  I’ll bet you did too.  Let’s admit it; there’s something about farting that tends to get our attention.

Farting, in books and other media, is usually funny, especially in the deft hands of a master.   is there anyone among us who can think of Blazing Saddles, or Stephanie Plum’s BFF Lula, without smiling or outright laughing?  Thank you Mel Brooks and Janet Evanovich for those moments of hilarity.

Personally, as an author, I’ve not yet had to deal with farting.  I plan to avoid it, as do most authors.  However, an author never knows what those exasperating characters will get up to next.  Besides, just as sex scenes are sometimes necessary to move the story along, it is possible, although admittedly not probable, that I could find myself in the position of not being able to avoid writing a farting scene.

Therefore, just in case, I must ask: What, exactly, is the “art of farting?”

If you know, please consider sharing this nugget of wisdom with me.  This inquiring author’s mind really wants to know.


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