Is “Happily Ever After” Important to You?


Romance author, Collette Cameron, asks an interesting question in her latest blog post:


Consider this:

“Do you prefer straightforward story telling that doesn’t engage your emotions, or do you favor stories that stir you, but leave you satisfied when you turn the final page?”

Evidently the “happily ever after” aspect of certain books is important to me, because I prefer to feel good when I close a book. Some people would scoff at me for feeling that way, but is it really such a bad thing? Moreover, it isn’t just the lack of a HEA that impacts me.

As Collette notes,

“I have read a few books which moved me to such an extent, I’ll never read them again. I adored the books and am awed at the talent those authors possessed to create such realistic reactions from me. I felt every emotion they put their characters through. The conflict, tragedies, and victories in the brilliantly crafted plot left me loving the story, but unwilling to relive what the hero and heroine endured. The emotional impact was simply too intense. Once was enough, thank you.”

I’ve experienced this. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the book, or am sorry I read it. But, it does mean I’m not likely to read it again. It isn’t going to be kept close at hand in case I feel the desire to pick it up for a quick visit to a place I enjoyed spending time. And, that’s okay. There are many reasons why I read, not just for escapism. Therefore, I read all types of books. However, it does explain why certain genres are those I am most strongly drawn to. I especially enjoy romances with a HEA, and mysteries that satisfy my need for tidy endings that answer all the questions I accrued while reading them.

How about you? Is the quintessential HEA important to you? Why do you read what you read?



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