Spotlight on Holly Barbo: Artistry with Words and Wood


Holly Barbo has an impressive back list of paranormal fantasy thrillers, including the Sage Seed Chronicles series.

Her latest release, Sunstone, is also a thriller, with a story set in a steampunk world on a distant moon. I read it last weekend, and was both entertained and impressed with her ability to create such a coherent, cohesive, and captivating world with characters and problems I could relate to. I feel as if the moon, Myrn, must be a real place, and the people who live there are people I know. You can read my full review on Amazon.

Sunstone--instagram copy

Sunstone Blurb

But, as the title of this post implies, Holly’s creative talents aren’t limited to her ability to create with words. She is also an artist in wood. Along with her skills in restoration, she also designs, creates, and sellsĀ  beautiful one of a kind pieces, such as this one:


Visit Barbo Furniture to see more. And don’t forget to check out Sunstone. I highly recommend it.

You can connect with Holly Barbo on her blog, as well as Facebook and Twitter.



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