Spotlight on: Cooking with The Crazy Lady Authors



Right now, for a limited time, the Kindle Edition is available at a 67% discount … for only 99 cents!

In case you don’t know who The Crazy Lady Authors are, I’ll tell you a little bit about us. You can also get to know us on Twitter @CLAuthors, on Facebook, on Pinterest, and on our blog.

We are a group of writers who have banded together to support one another unconditionally, in our work and in our lives. In the process, we’ve become more than merely colleagues and friends … we think of ourselves as sisters … and can’t imagine not having one another to lean on. Needless to say, with such a great sense of camaraderie between us, we always end up having a lot of fun together. It’s no accident that we dubbed ourselves The Crazy Lady Authors. Anyone who picks up our collaborative cookbook will immediately get a sense of what I’m talking about.


Our cookbook, Cooking with The Crazy Lady Authors is available in both Kindle (on sale for just 99 cents!) and paperback editions from Amazon. You can also contact me to purchase a signed paperback edition. Simply email me at and put the word COOKBOOK in the subject line to arrange it.

In Summary

As Jacques Pepin would say, “Happy cooking!” As Julia Child would say, “Bon appetite!”  As for what Alice B. Toklas, (in)famous for the Hashish Brownie Recipe in her own self-titled cookbook would be most likely to say, I choose this quirky quote:


As it so happens, our cookbook is full of recipes for incredibly good food, and you can legally purchase all the ingredients at your local supermarket. And it’s currently on sale for just 99 cents! See how easy we’re making it for you!

We’re nice like that.



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