Trick Or Treat? I’ll Take The Treats!


Halloween with The Crazy Lady Authors and fantasy writer Cynthia Richards. Treats for everyone and Happy Halloween to all.

Deep Thoughts and Junk

TinyPumpkinHalloween Treats

from The Crazy Lady Authors

The Crazy Lady Authors are a group of women authors who support each other (almost) unconditionally. And, yes, we are all just a little bit crazy, so the name fits. We’re also busy women with diverse ideas of what it means to rustle up a batch of treats (or dinner) for the hobgoblins in our lives – not only on Halloween, but also on all those days when we’re crazy busy trying to keep up with our families and day jobs while still making a deadline and keeping our muses happy. Plus, who knew that even our muses could sometimes be foodies? In fact, you’ll find food rather prominently featured in some of our books. What the muse wants, the muse gets – just like those adorable little hobgoblins. As it turns out, our muses got together and  inspired us to write a…

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