Crazy Love



By the time we get to know our parents they’ve had to grow up. They’ve accepted responsibility for raising children, and learned to handle the tough stuff, like mortgage payments. Of course, they were young once, and had crazy periods in their lives that their kids may never know about. Or, if their kids do find out, they are inevitably shocked.

By the time I knew my grandparents they were, of course, old. I couldn’t imagine them in their younger days and when I heard the story of how they got married, my mind reeled. As it turns out, they were so anxious to get to the honeymoon that they got married in a horse and buggy, with the the minister and the guests either on horseback or also in buggies. Once they were pronounced husband and wife, Grandpa said “giddy-up” and off they went to start their life together. I smile every time I think of this. Now that I’m older myself, I like knowing my staid grandparents were once young, in love, and just a little crazy.

My parents’ story also surprised me. My dad was a truck driver for Standard Oil, and my mother was a waitress at the truck-stop diner he stopped at regularly. When she wasn’t there, he left her little love notes in his determination to win her over. My dad wrote love notes??? After winning her over, they moved in together before they were married. My parents shacked up together??? At one time that information made me a little uncomfortable, but now it makes me giggle. Go Dad!

My own kids have no idea that their seemingly conventional mother and father were also young and a little crazy at one time. Oh yes! We actually had lives before they came along. We met at a survivors party. What’s that? The party after the party for those who survived the first party. It was a Halloween party. I’d gone as a vampiress, wearing several layers of sexy black satin and lace draped over one another. He wore his old army fatigues. I was sexy as all get out, and he was invisible. I didn’t even notice him, but he’d noticed me. It was hard not to when I came in second in the costume contest. I lost to a fat guy wearing a tutu, of course. Tell me, why does the fat guy in the tutu always win? Anyway, the next day I went back and HE was still there … at the survivors party. He’d been waiting, hoping I would show up. He charmed me with his admission that he’d been too shy to approach me at the party, and I fell for him … and his green eyes. Two years later, we were married.

My kids can’t imagine their mom being sexy or their dad being charming. They can’t imagine that once upon a time we were crazy in love. One day they’ll probably figure it out.

My short story, “Crazy Love,” is about how being young and in love makes us do crazy things. I hope it will make you smile. I smiled a lot as I wrote it.


You can find it in the Treasured Moments collection, which is currently available on Amazon for only 99 cents. Along with my story you’ll also have 13 more stories to enjoy … all written by a group of writers who call themselves The Crazy Lady Authors, because we were crazy when we were young, and we’re still a little crazy now. Being a little crazy is one of the things that makes life so much fun, don’t you think?