Who is Jayne Hyatt?


I currently live in Denver, Colorado.  I’ve also lived in the Midwest, on the West Coast, and in the Panhandle of Nebraska.  Sometimes I fantasize about moving to a remote little village on a Greek island where I can spend my time sipping ouzo while I watch the bougainvillea spilling from pots .  Perhaps I just need a vacation.

I’m a lifelong bookworm who comes from a long line of storytellers and book lovers. After many years of using my writing skills to do work-related technical writing, now I devote my time and talents to writing contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels. I like to think my work is continuing the tradition of Southern storytelling I grew up with.   Mostly, though, I just want to entertain my readers.  I like to think they can’t help but smile now and then as they spend time with the characters in my books.

One reviewer recently described my debut novel, Looking for the Good Life, as “a story of friendship, family (the good and bad) mystery, adventure, love and romance all rolled up tight into a wonderful vacation for its readers.”  This is the kind of review that makes me very happy.

I think redwood forests and herb gardens are magical places, and am quite sure there are faeries and other mythical creatures lurking there.  I’m fascinated with garden gates, and always wonder what is on the other side.  I think life is supposed to be fun, and am quite willing to go to great lengths to make sure of it.  I’d like to inspire others to look at life this way.

I’m currently busy working on several projects:  A short story, a novelette, and a sequel to Looking for the Good Life. You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon.

Contact me here:

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